24 x 7 MRI

We Have the latest Machine for detailed Scan with lower cost. The machine details are following


Established 1.5T performance. With Tim+Dot.

More productivity. With Tim+Dot. An easier, faster, and more efficient approach to highest and consistent image quality.


More applications. From head to toe. More standard and advanced applications than ever before to broaden your clinical scope.


More confidence. Through sustainable value. A solid and reassuring cost-structure defines the economic success of this 1.5T scanner.


Use of this machine in Spine Surgery

Easy patient setup and state-of-the-art imaging performance for C-Spine, T-Spine, L-Spine, and Whole Spine.

High-res 2D, advanced 3D, and different Fat Saturation techniques are simply standard for MAGNETOM ESSENZA, and part of the clinical use of our established performer. Further benefits in Spine imaging with MAGNETOM ESSENZA are:


No more manual coil repositioning with Tim (Total Imaging Matrix)


A large Field of View (FoV) coverage and state-of-the-art iPAT performance for an easy and streamlined workflow


Excellent signal-to noise ratio (SNR) and no need for coil positioning, due to the IsoCenter Matrix coil intrinsically being at the right position


A great level of detail regardless of the patient’s condition or anatomy


A scan range up to 140 cm without repositioning, seamless scan integration, and automated post processing.